Brexit: Suspensive regimes are going to be more important I am going to start this article with a whacking great assumption.  And it is not that these regimes are going to become more important following Brexit, because that is an inevitable fact for managing Duty and VAT in the post-Brexit hinterland.

Whacking Great Assumption No, the assumption is that the UK will not see any significant change to its suspensive regimes.

ll ATTENZIONE!: clickption opinioni e Recensioni. E' un broker sicuro ed affidabile o è una truffa? Scopri di più e come aprire la tua Demo Gratuita Why would I hope this, when my norm with Brexit is to plan for the worst and hope for the best.  I believe if the UK Government really wants frictionless trade and to remain as close as possible to the EU27 in respect of Customs (which it says it does), then to not to scrap or change the suspensive regimes so that they are divergent from the EU27 suspensive regimes, seems to be the only sensible way forward. Yes, there are some big issues with these assumptions, but given that UK politicians have made it clear they don’t really understand Customs we have a reasonable chance that the regimes will see minimal or no change.  After all, there is really no UK political capital to be had by making cross border trade even more difficult after Brexit for UK businesses or their suppliers from the EU27 (and vice versa).  Quite the opposite since, for example, the UK motor industry is very important to the UK, and we know that goods move back and forth across the channel; suspensive regimes are going to be needed.  The same goes for aerospace and other technology-based industries. Using existing suspensive regimes for trade between the EU27 and the UK provides at least some oil for the proposed frictionless solution (whatever that is).  To put that another way, retaining the suspensive regimes is something the UK and the EU27 would not have to work on in the limited time left.

Why are they important?

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