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VAT After Brexit – Installed Goods

Assuming a deal cannot be done, the UK will sit outside of the Single Market and the Customs Union. Even if a deal is done, the UK Government is currently adamant it will sit outside of the Single market and the Customs Union. That means we will see changes on contracts involving the supply and […]

VAT: Consignment and Call Off Stocks Post Brexit

At the moment, whilst the UK is a member of the Single Market and sits within the Customs Union, the UK benefits for call of stock and consignment stock simplifications for intra EU transactions.  That’s both for goods coming into the UK from the EU27 and to the EU27 from the UK. In brief, in […]

Brexit Phase II; Over a Barrel?

As we move into Phase II of the Brexit negotiations, both sides are scrambling to avoid being seen as being “over a barrel”. The phrase originated in the middle of the 20th century in the United States and is thought to allude to the situation of someone being draped over a barrel, either to empty […]

Don’t look back in anger

I originally started this article with “It is only when you look back that you can find how far you have come.  And as we come to the end of another year, it does not hurt to look back.” However, it did! Looking back I got to Brexit and quite frankly the admission by Mrs […]

Doing business differently

As a practice we have worked hard to move ourselves onto web based products so that our team can work anywhere with a decent Wi-Fi connection. We also like to think Covertax is well entrenched in 21st century values. Our infrastructure means we all have access to video conferencing and telephone conferencing. We do not […]

Why so little care from HMRC for Vulnerable Customers?

We have some vulnerable customers. We take them seriously. So much so that in the last year we have developed a ‘vulnerable customer policy‘, and now all Covertax team members have undergone enhanced DBS checks. Why bother? Well our view is that just like you wouldn’t put your friends and relatives in the care of […]

The lunatics have taken over the asylum (Fun Boy Three, 1981)

The original remark is attributed to Richard A. Rowland about the founding of United Artists. It is now commonly used to describe a situation in which those in charge are incapable of handling their responsibilities, and should rather be put under scrutiny themselves. Fun Boy Three sung a protest song about the action of the […]